Have you reached a crossroads, or do you simply want to keep developing and improving?

Are you wondering whether to take on management responsibility, or maybe upskill or go abroad?

The coaching I provide is based on my extensive professional experience as a personnel development specialist. This means that I assess your current situation together with you, encourage you to use your existing resources, and help you come up with ideas and potential measures with the aid of various creative techniques. I enrich my coaching work with reading recommendations and make you aware of relevant role models, similarities and ideas in all kinds of different books.

Who are my services aimed at mainly?

I know from personal experience what it’s like to reach a crossroads in your career, and I have helped many specialists and managers through such periods of transition. In fact, most of the people I have worked with have gone through exactly the same things that I faced myself after a few years in the working world. For these groups of people, the following aspects of my professional and personal background are particularly relevant:

  • Full-time and part-time studies, several stays abroad
  • Experience in all aspects of personnel development
  • Systemic coaching qualification and certified in the use of various personnel development tools
  • Own experience of becoming self-employed

Most of my clients like to read. This is what my special approach is based on. I firmly believe that reading about other people can make you see your own situation much more clearly.


Here are three typical services that you can book as single modules or combine into a complete process.

Professional reorientation

You definitely don’t want to carry on doing what you’re doing, but you’re not really sure where your future lies.

Support during periods of transformation

Clear about where you’re going, but don’t know how to get there?

The application process

Have you decided on a change of career but don’t yet know how to present yourself on the job market?